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Leading supplier of software to the oil industry
Oilfield Simulation
Next-generation software for oilfield analysis and simulation

Setanta / Real Time Tracking

Innovative real-time 3D rendering of football matches
Football Tracking Console
Control console for Real Time Tracking football tracking system
Football Commentators View
Interface for commentators to see real-time player & team stats.

FujiFilm Electronic Imaging

Print management software for the publishing industry
Translation Tool
Developed to aid Fujifilm in the internationalisation of their software products
XMF Print Workflow System
Control, workflow and proofing system for FujiFilm's platesetter devices

Hasbro Interactive / Deep Red Games

Computer games developer
E-mail Risk
Part of Hasbro Interactive's E-mail Games(TM) Range
Monopoly Tycoon
3D Sim-business game based on the Monopoly brand

Neon Digital

Web site & software development
Floorplan Editor
Interactive floorplan editor using Flash & C#

Web Sites

Web Design Work
Apex Sounds
Flash website
Jura Watches
Concept designs for high-class watch shop
ChartLogix PHP Charting
Commercial charting module for PHP
Levy Associates Website
Website and administration system for recruitment agency
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