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E-mail Risk
Part of Hasbro Interactive's E-mail Games(TM) Range
Monopoly Tycoon
3D Sim-business game based on the Monopoly brand
Dodge Game
Collect the blue squares, avoid the red dots.

Web Sites

Jura Watches
Concept designs for high-class watch shop
ChartLogix PHP Charting
Commercial charting module for PHP
Levy Associates Website
Website and administration system for recruitment agency


Apex Sounds
Flash website
Flash Cubes
Cubes 3D Scene with lighting and reflections
Java 3D Engine
Software Java 3D engine for applets, supports Z-buffer and transparency
Flash Landscape
Flying over a flat-shaded landscape using the mouse
Green liquid goo (Java)
Blobby green stuff with basic physics
Flash Smoke effect
Particles of smoke moving in a simulated breeze

Graphics & Artwork

Raytraced Scenes
Various scenes created using POV-Ray
Game Artwork
Concept art for oldschool style games (256-colour)
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